Alternatives! Medical Weight Loss of Tulsa

Obesity is frequently the cause of our patientís complaints of fatigue and pain. Obesity is a life threatening condition and requires dedication and lifestyle changes to be successfully conquered. The staff at Alternatives! Medical Weight Loss is dedicated to helping you be successful. Alternatives! Medical Weight Loss of Tulsa is a division of OMMT, PLLC. Dr. Jeanne Heyser-Easterly provides evaluation and management of patients participating in all weight loss programs at OMMT, PLLC. The following weight loss programs are offered by Alternatives! Medical Weight Loss to patients of OMMT, PLLC.:

  • HCG Medical Weight Loss
  • Homeopathic Weight Loss Prescription
  • Nutritional Counseling and Guidance

We are currently accepting new patients. Please visit our medical weight loss site for more information and for answers to frequently asked questions about our weight loss programs.

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